About Me


I am a former career firefighter with both military and permanent fire service experience, that currently works as an operation manager for a company with 500 personnel working in the oil, gas and mining industry.

I provide firefighters and emergency services officers for maintenance shutdowns, high risk tasks and for shift coverage on mining, oil and gas sites. I have been in this role for 10 years and like to think I have an idea on what it takes and what you need to be a success in the industry. 

I often get asked about how to get into the industry and it can be very confusing for both new entrants and experience firefighters looking to transition to an industrial brigade with a mining focus.

While the posts on this site are my own thoughts and not of my employer, I provide these posts to guide anyone looking to make a career as an emergency services officer.

Reach out to me via the contact me page if you need specific help and advice. It may take me a while as I am hectic busy in my day job. Stay safe and live the dream.